Monday, September 21, 2009

Dead As A Doornail, Definitely Dead, All Together Dead

In Dead as a Doornail there’s the packmaster contest, a sniper and Tara’s new beau. It’s all twisted. Sookie gets sucked into these situations by being a caring person.

Definitely Dead has
Sookie dating a new man, trying to

figure out who is attacking her and cleaning out her dead cousin’s apartment. I actually wish there was a story that looked at Sookie and Hadley’s relationship, maybe with some sort of resolution. It’s still another great and frightening adventure for Sookie.

The vampire summit is the centre of All Together Dead. There are some hot scenes, bonding and Barry. Barry the Bellboy telepath from Living Dead In Dallas returns and it’s an interesting reunion. I hope he make appearances in future books.

Each book finds Sookie in peril. Most of it stems from her falling for Bill Compton. Though they aren’t a couple, his presence still ripples through her life. The sniper, however, is not Bill’s fault. With each book, Sookie learns not only more about the magical world around her, but more about herself. There are aspects of who she is that Sookie is proud of, parts she doesn’t understand and things she doesn’t like. I like that each book isn’t a flat story with a flat lead character. The supernatural world has depth and so does Sookie Stackhouse.

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