Sunday, March 15, 2009


WALL-E is a cute, funny and sad movie. After the first fifteen or twenty minutes, I almost had to turn it off. It seriously affected my hormonal heart. To see the planet like that and lone little WALL-E working to make it right, I wanted to cry a little. I don’t know what I expected this movie to be. Some futuristic, robot thing, but it’s not. It is so much more than that. WALL-E can actually be seen as a commentary on the state of the world, the environment and big business.

I adored this movie. I want to get the Blu-Ray Special Edition; I thought it was brilliant. There’s barely any speaking in the movie, but the emotions of the characters come through so clearly. WALL-E and the other robots really connect to the audience. Even the drawings that accompany the credits tell a story. If you haven’t seen WALL-E yet, you’re missing out on something wonderful.

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