Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Season 8: The Long Way Home

I just completed the first volume in the Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 series, The Long Way Home. I was a HUGE fan off Buffy back when it was first on. I watched it all through high school and through most of university. There was one season, season 6, I believe, that I didn’t watch it that much. It was a combination of being very busy with school (and two jobs) and that season being not that good. Season 7 definitely made up for it and the Season 8 comic/graphic novel series continues the legacy of Buffy.

I had originally decided that I wouldn’t read Season 8. I didn’t want to get involved in another book series and then have to buy all of them. A friend of mine at work, who is much more of a fan than I am, wanted someone to talk about the books with, so about a week and a half ago, she gave me a bag and inside this bag were all her Buffy books. It was a few days before I dug in. I was still reading The Good Earth and had already decided what my next book would be. One day after I had finished my book, I had put my daughter down for the night, my husband was getting ready for bed, they were right there. I picked it up. By the time he was done, I was deep into the first issue (each graphic novel is a collection of five issues) and had to finish before I went to sleep. In just a few days the book was done and I wondered why I hadn’t read it sooner.

It was so good. If you’re a fan of Buffy and/or a fan of graphic novels, you’ll like The Long Way Home. It’s fun and exciting. The art is great. They are able to do things with comics that they never could on television. Joss Whedon and the other writers and artists are able to take Buffy to another level. I really enjoyed this first arc. I like who the villains are. I can’t wait to see Buffy and the other slayers kick their butts. The Long Way Home shows a Buffy with new responsibilities, along with her old friends. She also has some amazing new friends. The Long Way Home is a great hook to get you into reading the rest of Season 8.

One aspect of the book that struck me and I really liked was the last issue. The last issue is called The Chain and it isn’t about Buffy and her friends. It’s about another slayer, her mission, what she’s been through and what being a slayer has come to mean to her. It’s like a short story at the end of the novel. I really enjoyed it. It gives the reader a new insight into the Buffyverse. A note at the end, says that they’re going to do this at the end of each collection. If they’re as good as The Chain I look forward to reading them. The Long Way Home is a fantastic continuation of a television series I loved.


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  2. Anonymous29/8/10 15:51

    I really liked Buffy too (and am gradually buying all the series on DVD). I'm not sure about the graphic novels though. I tend not to like bookified TV.