Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Thousand Orcs

The Thousand Orcs is the first book in R.A. Salvatore's trilogy The Hunter's Blades, which is also the 14th book in The Legend Of Drizzt series. There are 25 books, I think.  It's a lot of books to read, but I've enjoyed each one and I expect to enjoy them all until Salvatore stops writing them. I started reading the series years ago, but it has been a long time since I read a Drizzt book, at least a year. I don't know what created the delay. Maybe I was really satisfied by the last book. Maybe there were too many other books got in the way. I'm going to start reading them more often again. Perhaps I'll catch up to my Hubby soon. 

The Thousand Orcs was exactly what I wanted from a Drizzt book. There was action, adventure and emotional turmoil brought to us by the Companions of the Hall. It was a book that had more mature companions, individuals who had grown, learning more about each other and themselves. There was also a sense of "ends" in the story. At first it was about the endings of particular ways of life. Bruenor's adventures, Torgar in Mirabar and Regis's quiet life. Catti-Brie and Drizzt were starting to see ends. Only Wulfgar might be the exception, though you could interpret his new found confidence as the end of his instability. 

Speaking of Wulfgar, he has a beard in this book, part of his maturing. Though this novel was published ten years ago, I couldn't help but picture Thor. Wulfgar wields a hammer, is large in stature and makes battle cries as he sweeps his hammer through enemies. The hammer is even enchanted to return to Wulfgar when thrown, though it's more like teleportation than telekinesis, if you know what I mean... There are worse people to picture than Chris Hemsworth. 

I'm happy to have returned to the Legend of Drizzt series. I'm looking forward to reading The Lone Drow and seeing how crazy Drizzt goes. 

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