Monday, February 16, 2009

The Spine Of The World

Normally, I love R. A. Salvatore’s books. They’re full of fun and adventure. The Spine Of The World was more than a little frustrating. It took so long to get to the meat of the story. Some of the characters (most?) in the second storyline were different levels of irritating in their choices and reactions to those choices. There was so much build up just so Wulfgar could re-learn how to be a hero. The novel could have easily been a hundred pages shorter.
If you’re working through the Legend Of Drizzt series (which I highly recommend), this will be the most difficult book to get through. I found myself waiting for the good stuff to happen. When it did, it would be another fifty pages of exposition. You have to read The Spine Of The World to understand what happens in the subsequent novels in the series.

Speaking with someone who has read all the Drizzt books up to The Orc King, including Tymora’s Stone the book Salvatore wrote with his son Geno, this is the most difficult book by far. Having said all this, it wasn’t a poorly written book. It was full of Salavatore’s style and action. It just wasn’t what I expected. I am looking forward to getting into what I hope to be a meaty story, Servant Of The Shard.

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