Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Servant of the Shard

Which Drizzt related book is this? I’ve lost count. Drizzt Do’Urden isn’t exactly in this book, though he “writes” a journal entry before each section, as with The Spine Of The World which follows Wulfgar’s adventures away from Drizzt. I miss Drizzt. I feel like it’s been so long. I do have to say that I liked Servant Of The Shard better than the last book. The first half I found a bit slow. The main group of characters spent too much time in Calimport and I felt like the story wasn’t going anywhere. The second half was much better. Once Entreri decided to take the Crystal Shard from Jarlaxle, there was so much more excitement. The story moved forward at a better pace. Even though there was no Drizzt, his presence was definitely felt. As a treat (at least I think so) Cadderly made an appearance. It was appropriate to the story and not surprising. Servant of the Shard makes me eager to read the next Drizzt book and the next Entreri/Jarlaxle book too.

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