Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria

(I just realized I never posted this!  Bah!)

More Stephen King!  After reading the awesome short story collection Everything's Eventual I had to read a Dark Tower graphic novel, especially since the next one in my queue was an adaptation of one of the short stories I just read.  The Little Sisters of Eluria is creepy.  Naturally, the Little Sisters are not so little.  They're women; who knows how old they are.  Roland, the last gunslinger, encounters them in his travels, after The Battle of Jericho Hill in his pursuit of the man in black.  At the beginning of the story, Roland's horse is dying.  He's hoping to find a town soon.  He comes over a ridge and there lies Eluria.  He thinks it might just save his horse.  The visit is to Eluria is not what he wanted it to be.

The graphic adaptation of the short story/novella was fantastic.  I enjoyed the story and art immensely.  They altered the story a bit, creative liberties I think, to create a better graphic flow. There's an introduction with an apology for changing the story. I haven't been a huge fan of introductions lately.  I didn't need the introduction to tell me that they changed the story slightly.  It's an "adaptation", I pretty much expect some alteration.  There are reasons why certain books need to have introductions; I suppose I'm just tired of the story being explained to me before I read it....

Back to Eluria.  I love Jenna.  She has an innocence about her, though she is more like the other Sisters than Roland likes to think.  She wants to be free.  I really liked Jenna's story.  I wish we could know more about her background.  Who knows with King though?  She might show up somewhere else one day.

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