Saturday, July 27, 2013

Clockwork Angel

Cassandra Clare apparently likes to write the main male character as a huge jerk (I had considered swearing, but I'm trying to keep it clean.)  Will definitely surpasses Jace in his jerkiness though. Maybe it's a Herondale thing? I get that something bad happened to Will as a child, but does he have to be so unbelievably mean to everyone? He was so awful to Tessa at the end, even if he does fix whatever his problem is, I don't know how she could forgive him.

I really enjoyed Clockwork Angel, the first book in Clare's Infernal Devices trilogy. The Infernal Devices are the prequel to her popular The Mortal Instruments series (the first book, City of Bones is now a movie being released on August 21.) I really enjoyed the first three Mortal Instruments books, so when I saw Clockwork Angel on sale on day, I thought I'd like it too.  Later I purchased (also on sale) Clockwork Prince and Clockwork Princess. I have all the books and after reading Clockwork Angel, I can't wait to read them

Tessa has had the worst time if it in Clockwork Angel.  Her kidnapping, her brother, her ability. She doesn't know anything about herself until all this badness starts happening.  Not that it's been easy going for everyone. Charlotte has to struggle to hold on to power. I quite enjoyed Tessa's preconceptions of men's and women's roles changing as the story progressed. Women Shadowhunters were just as valuable in battle as the men, they could be in charge, there are just as intelligent.

I also have to mention that I love Jem.  He's on the cover of Clockwork Prince, so I'm hoping there's more of him in the second book.  He's sweet and intelligent and has an interesting back story.  Having read Clare's previous series and having read a lot books where the lead has two possible matches, though I think Tessa will eventually end up with Will, at this point I'd pick Jem.  

I've read across a lot of blogs that many people preferred The Infernal Devices over The Mortal Instruments. After reading the first book, I don't really see why that opinion is so prevalent.  I enjoyed Clockwork Angel, a lot. Would I say that it was better than City of Bones? No. Honestly, I think they're about the same. Maybe my opinion will change once I've read the whole series, we will see. 

I'm excited to read the rest of the series, all of which I'm glad I own. It's going to be delayed a little though. I finally got my copy of this novel that's been out for a few months, by this new author named Robert Galbraith. Anyone heard of him?

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