Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Two Swords

The Two Swords was exciting, I found myself yelling at Drizzt and so many of the other characters out loud.  My Hubby is extra happy that I'm moving through R.A. Salvatore's popular series so he can talk about the books with me.  I love when a books excites me, makes me invested in the characters and the decisions that make.  While I think Drizzt took too long to get back to Mithrall Hall, I understand his choices and was glad with what happened when he finally got there. 

I totally knew what was going to happen with Delly and Cottie.  It was just so obvious to me.  I didn't guess the part with Cutter, though I knew at some point something was going to happen with the sword, since there's a graphic novel I bought my Hubby titled Cutter.  I guess that's what happens when you're just halfway through such a long series.  I also knew that if Drizzt and Catti-Brie didn't make a decision in this novel, they never would.  There was so much going on, but I enjoyed every word.  I'm excited to see if the Bouldershoulders will bring Cadderly and Danica (from The Cleric Quintet) further into the Drizzt series.

Though The Hunter's Blade is a trilogy within the grander Legend of Drizzt series, I don't feel like the trilogy stands on it's own.  Icewind Dale and The Dark Elf Trilogy stood alone very well.  They were series within the series, but had their own arcs that concluded by the final book.  I feel like there is too much left undone in The Hunter's Blade.  I'm sure the next group of books, Transitions will deal with all the upheaval and loose ends, but I just would have liked The Two Swords to feel more finished.  It's a similar feeling I had when I finished Pandemonium, but that book had the excuse of being the second book in the trilogy.  The Two Swords is the third book.

I was thinking about taking a break from the fantasy books, but with so many unanswered questions, especially about the Orc King, I think I'll be returning to Salvatore's novels soon.

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