Thursday, August 25, 2016

Suicide Squad

Easy come, easy go....

Amanda Waller is terrible, amazingly terrible. Seriously, who's the real bad guy? I know some of her comic history, so only some of it was surprising, but when she comes face to face with the team? What?! She's certainly someone who blurs the line, maybe erases the line.

I really liked how we knew the Suicide Squad were bad guys, but the movie created sympathy for them. Except for Diablo, I felt sympathy for him from the start. Diablo wasn't a saint by any means, but he knew what he was capable of and he wanted to stay in control.

While it's a bit brutal and totally wrong, I like that the movie shows Joker and Harley Quinn's relationship from the beginning. He made himself the perfect girlfriend. Did Dr. Quinzel get a little too close to the Joker, yes, but, well, he certainly took control of her and pushed her over the edge. Yet Harley isn't just Joker's girlfriend. She has friends and is loyal to them.

I enjoyed Deadshot's story too. They definitely wanted you to know what he was, but he also had someone he cared for. (I wasn't 100% sold on his shopping outfit though.) I think a lot of these "bad guys" had someone they cared for, a lover, children, a brother, so those people were used to "humanize" them. But these were also not nice people.

Also, I kind of loved Flagg.

I appreciate that they didn't reveal the big bad in the trailers, we didn't even see a full image of the evil (unless I missed it), which I thought was a mistake they made with Dawn of Justice. The audience needs surprises. That being said, the plot was a little....thin. I understand that they wanted the thing they were fighting to be "evil" instead of just "bad", because otherwise, why would these guy care? But, I don't know... The plot did afford back story and bonding between the characters. So, you know, it was okay. In the end, I enjoyed the movie and was happy we went to see it.


  1. Seen it twice now - although that was because one person missed the original group visit.

    Despite the problems of introducing 10 people with backstories I think it did pretty well. Obviously Harley was the focus, and why wouldn't she be, but I thought she was superb and I could totally go with her being crazy! Likewise Jared Leto's Joker was very believable and super scary. Will Smith was, well, Will Smith which is no bad thing. REALLY liked Diablo. Flag was good as was Katana. Killer Croc didn't have much to do but was reasonable. Captain Boomerang seemed, well, rather less than 'super' in any way. Probably my least fave was Carla D as Enchantress as I got the impression she was rather out of her depth surrounded by the other heavy hitters. Oh, and Amanda Waller...... [gulp].

    Already looking forward to the spin-offs!

    1. I think it did okay introducing the backstories too. The way it was done was definitely a good idea. Any spin-offs should be interesting. I feel like Harley deserves one.

  2. I'd agree with you Loni. Not the best comic movie of all time, or even the year, but still a good time out at the movies. Diablo was a favourite of mine in the comics as well. Wasn't a big fan of Jared Leto (especially that asthmatic laugh that supposed to be creepy, I guess).

    1. Yup, definitely a good time. I heard that Leto thought Joker would have a bigger role... which I don't get because he wasn't actually part of the "Squad". I liked that the focus was more on Harley.