Monday, April 17, 2017

Bloodsucking Fiends

The end of Bloodsucking Fiends was everything, was the best part of the whole story for me. I kept waiting for more action and more tension, but there were so many lies and so many people blind to what was really going on, that I don't know if the tension fully coalesced the way I thought it would. Everything finally built up at the end though. It was a good end. Christopher Moore crafted a great conclusion, but there are questions, there is more to learn about Jody, Tommy and the ancient vampire who started it all.

I'll try to keep the spoilers vague.... How is Tommy going to feel? Tommy was always a laid back kind of guy, but things did not go the way he wanted. I feel like at the beginning of the next book, Tommy will be feeling a surge of emotion. At least I hope it's like that. I am really looking forward to Tommy's reaction. The ancient vampire has left me really curious. Why? When? How? I'm hoping for answers there too. Jody was certainly an interesting vampire protagonist. Why was she so strong? She seemed like she stayed very much herself, just more. It will be interesting to see how she develops through the series. I'm also really interested in revisiting the Emperor and the Animals.

One thing that struck me as I started reading Bloodsucking Fiends was that it was published in 1995! I had forgotten how old this book was until I was with Jody, looking for a payphone. She couldn't remember her "calling card number". Do you remember having those? Cards that you kept for pay phones or long distance calls? My parents made sure I had one so I could call home and couldn't use the excuse of not having any change. I wonder how this will affect the sequels, as You Suck was published in 2007 and Bite Me in 2010. I remember having a similar feeling reading Generation X, a book published in my youth, but not really contemporary anymore. Also, I found several book covers from over the last 22 years. Art styles have definitely changed. I've included just four in this post. Favourites? I know which one I like best, but it's not the one I own. Oh well!

Since it was published in 1995, it was before the latest vampire/supernatural madness began, but one of the reasons it might have taken me a while to read it, is because of the latest vampire madness. Bloodsucking Fiends is different though, a little more Buffy than Twilight. There's a lot less brooding. It's basically a romantic comedy. The turtle thing is tragic, but also tragically funny. Tommy  is quirky, Jody is kind of random. I am interested in seeing how they characters develop and what the do in the future.

*Side note: Moore has a Bloodsucking Fiends reading guide. So, book clubs? It would be an unusual read.

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