Friday, February 02, 2018

Official Blogger With The WCYR

The Writer's Community of York Region (WCYR) is my local writing community. I've written quite a few posts since I volunteered to be their workshop/seminar blogger. I had been to a couple of meetings over the past few years, but  now that I have a little more free time, I became an official member this past September. I spoke with one of the board members that I know from a writing group, and I knew I could help out.

Blogging for the WCYR is definitely different than writing posts here. Each post I write goes through an editing process. This is the first time I've worked collaboratively with an editor. It has been a great experience, trading ideas, making suggestions, and I think it has helped my writing in general. It has added a bit of pressure, trying to get things done on time, but I like a "medium" amount of pressure. I also really like the WCYR, in general. Everyone I’ve met so far has been fantastic. The members are friendly and like-minded. The workshops are more than educational. The seminars are engaging. They give me more than enough material to work with. Every month I look forward to the guest speaker, the topics they will be speaking about, and that I will then be writing about.

My latest post is about a workshop I attended on revising your manuscript. Next is a post about the WCYR elections and the one after is about volunteering with the group. I've gotten to write about adding humour into your work, poetry, backstory, and other interesting topics.  It’s exciting to be able to share what is happening in the WCYR with the writing community.

I've got my own member profile now and I'm officially listed as part of the WCYR team! It's not huge, but it is what my time allows and I like blogging. I love being part of this community and allowed the opportunity to write about it. I hope to help more in the future, but for now, I'm enjoying what I can do.

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