Friday, March 09, 2018

Wonder Woman: War

Yes! This! This was a fantastic, amazing, exciting installment of the The New 52: Wonder Woman. War was everything I wanted it to be and more. It was Wonder Woman being badass. She was tough, strong and vulnerable. She was a strong leader and a caring sister. She made the hard decisions. She created an army that was a family. Wonder Woman does what needs to be done.

I've got a little crush on Orion. I'm sure he knows Diana could break him, but he carelessly flirts, pushes her buttons, and it's amazing. He also opens up to her, when I don't think he expected to. I'm excited to see how their relationship evolves. I loved Lennox. He's been with Diana and caring for their brother. He was rock solid. Diana inspires loyalty among those in her care. Though she vows to protect them, they also want to protect her. 

War might be my favourite of the The New 52: Wonder Woman series. It was a coming together. It was full of excitement. There were battles, soldiers and strength. There was love and sacrifice. There were surprises. I couldn't put War down. I've even gone back through it and read over some of my favourite moments. Wonder Woman hit me hard in the feels. It was a story that got my energy going and that I am eager to continue.

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