Saturday, April 02, 2011

The Hunger Games

Minor SPOILERS. I don’t think they give away any of the plot, just a bit of the background you learn in the story.

I finished The Hunger Games and I had to stop myself from picking up Catching Fire right away so I could write down my thoughts on the first book in the trilogy. The Hunger Games was fantastic. It was thrilling and exciting and I couldn’t put it down. It was also much more than I thought it would be. Yes, it’s Young Adult Dystopian novel. Its main characters are teenagers and there is even a little romance, but the romance isn’t the focus. The Hunger Games is our world gone very wrong. The Games themselves are like Survivor gone mad and everyone watches. This television show is mandatory viewing; during its airing is the only time the poor Districts are guaranteed to have power. The Hunger Games is how the Capitol reminds the Districts of what rebellion can bring them. Panem isn’t a country where citizens try to help the poor or where a person can become whatever they want. Each of the twelve districts has something they produce to benefit the Capitol. District 12 mines coal, District 11 is agriculture, District 1 makes jewellery. The life of the citizens is strictly controlled and it’s frightening.

I don’t want to say too much more, because I know there have been reviews written about The Hunger Games all over the interweb. I’m just glad I decided to read the books and I enjoyed the first one much more than I thought. I’ve already got my greedy hands on Catching Fire and I can’t wait to dive in to another thrilling ride.

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There are many other reviews.  I probably could have listed more if I tried.  If you've reviewed this book and want me to add your link just email me or leave a comment below.


  1. We have similar thoughts about dystopia--adult ones like The Handmaid's Tale are great but YA ones...meh. I'm not convinced about that genre's greatness yet but this sounds so good.

  2. Teacher, I don't know about the genre as a whole. This is the only YA dystopia I've read. I know I loved it. As a main character, Katniss is strong and independant. She takes care of people and is reluctant to allow others to take care of her. She grows as a person/character as she learns more about herself and the world she lives in. Though I think the plot is fantastic, it's the main character that makes the book even better.