Wednesday, February 09, 2011

“Who needs libraries?"

Nymeth writes an interesting article/rant on her blog about the reason we still need libraries.  She is actually going to school to be a librarian, so has a unique perspective.

Apparently, books in the UK are really cheap, so some people wonder why they need libraries.  I can say, books in Canada and the US are NOT cheap.  Libraries are necessary for those who love books, but can't afford to buy their own.  Plus, libraries run all kinds of programs.  Nymeth's details what I think a lot of us book-lovers would say about libraries.  The link is below.

“Who needs libraries? Books are so cheap!”

I included below pictures of the library I most used while in University.  I'm curious to know if anyone recognizes it.


  1. Books can be cheap in the UK but not always. And the selection in the cheaper book shops is not always that good, so often the library is a better choice.

    If it hadn't been for libraries, I wouldn't love reading so much. My family didn't have much spare cash whilst I was growing up, so we made weekly trips to the library. I also like that you can take risks with the type of books you read at the library, because it's not costing you anything.

  2. Thank you for linking to my post, Loni!

  3. Libraries are awesome! Read about the Human Library Project.

  4. Robarts library? Although I'm not sure as if it is I used to see it from the other side...
    Libraries are great, but I find it difficult to read before the book is due back and to actually give the book back! However, my youth would have been very different without a library...

  5. Em is right! That's Robarts, located at the University of Toroto's downtown campus. I spent a lot of time there.

  6. It's such a big library. I often got lost in the aisles. Especially since when I was there they wre doing renovations...