Monday, January 19, 2009

Remember Me?

I think Remember Me? had the perfect ending. Lexi Smart doesn’t have some brilliant flash of memory; things don’t come flooding back to her in grand, dramatic fashion. What happens seems more natural. It’s a thread, “gossamer thin” and it’s real. It’s something she can hold on to and use for the life she’s creating for herself. It’s not the picturesque life she thought she had, it’s a life that reflects the person she’s remembered.

Remember Me? is definitely full of Sophie Kinsella’s style and humour. The story, however, didn’t have me yearning for more the way the Shopaholic series has or The Undomestic Goddess. I didn’t love Lexi the way I did Becky or Samantha. The meat of the story, the really interesting bits, doesn’t happen until a third of the way into the narrative. Lexi takes too long to learn about Eric. Maybe Jon should have been introduced sooner.

It is a really enjoyable story and an excellent stand-alone book. I just found Lexi’s friends and family frustrating and extremely unhelpful towards someone who has amnesia. It fueled the plot, but made me a bit angry at the supporting characters. Remember Me? was an easy read and a unique story. However, it didn’t leave me with the same good feeling as Kinsella’s other works.

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