Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Dark Tower VI: The Song of Susannah


Stephen King is such a freak! He put himself in his novel! I mean, it is a fictionalized version, especially after what happens at the end. That obviously can’t be real. It somehow justifies or explains how so many of his other novels have a thread of The Dark Tower running through them. Is it self-indulgent to make himself a part of Roland and his ka-tet’s quest for the Tower? Maybe. It does seem to add another layer of interest to the story. Is he the creator or just the bard, the vessel? What would happen if your imaginings were to come to life?

One thing I have to say about this edition of The Song of Susannah is how much I like the artwork. When I read Wolves of the Calla while liking the story, I strongly disliked the artwork they decided to include with it. I thought it took away from the imagery King was trying to create. With Susannah, I found that the artwork added something; it was more expressive. The images didn’t try to represent what the reader was imagining, rather a feeling that the story was trying to create.

There is only one more book in The Dark Tower tale (not including the second graphic novel.) I can’t wait, yet I will. I don’t want Roland and the other characters to disappear on me just yet. I want to prolong their existence. I know that no matter the end of the final novel, I’ll be sad that they are gone.

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