Saturday, March 19, 2011

Out with the old…

For those who didn’t know, my husband and I are expecting baby number 2. We’re very excited and have a lot to do to prepare. One of those things is dismantling our old office and turning it into our toddler’s room so the baby will get the nursery. Apparently I had a lot of stuff in the closet in that room. My husband just brought me a collection of floppy disks to show me before he threw them out. That’s right, floppy disks, from when I was in high school and I think first year university. Once I saw them, I didn’t want to let them go. One of them had some of my writing from way back then… stuff I’m sure I continued to transfer onto my computers through the years. I wouldn’t be missing anything if that floppy disk went, right? The collection also included some disks with school work on it. I’m not going to want that right? I’m so terrible. How is it I still had that stuff? I didn’t even realize it, then when I saw it, I wanted to keep it. I’m not crazy, right?

Okay, so I told my husband I was writing this post. He read it and either felt bad or wanted to lessen my craziness, so I got to take the floppy out with my old writing on it.


  1. I feel similarly when doing spring cleaning. It took me some time to decide what to keep from my grade school & high school keepsakes, especially since being a teacher, I wonder "Can I use this as a teacher?" just as an excuse to hoard things :D I ended up making a scrapbook with bits & pieces from a couple of boxes of stuff. I hope you kept any creative writing work as that stuff is golden :)

  2. I didn't know you were expecting, congratulations! :)

    I am currently sorting as I'm moving house in 2 weeks. I have a lot of stuff I've gotten rid of because I haven't used/looked at it in years but it can be painful.

  3. Teacher, I kept the writing stuff. I let the other disks go.

    Sam, Thanks, we're very exciting. only about 3 and half more months.

    There's so much to do!

  4. Another baby on the way? Wow! Have you picked out names yet?

  5. Ahab, No names yet. We haven't talked about it as much this time around. I suppose it'll just come to us??