Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Go Away Big Green Monster

At a playgroup I took my children too, one of the instructors there read Ed Emberley’s Go Away Big Green Monster.  My daughter loved it!  LOVED IT!  While still at the play group she made me read it to her three more times before I convinced her it was time to do something else.  I knew I had to buy it. 

I spoke with the instructor who originally read the book to the group and she told me that the way the book is designed shows the children how to take control of their fears.  I think it is pretty helpful.  There are cut-outs for each of the pages, so you first build the monster with your child.  Once it’s there, the child gets to yell, “Go away, Big Green Monster!”  Then you deconstruct the monster.  At the end, the child is still in control.  Big Green Monster doesn’t get to come back until the child says so

I think the book is cute and a useful tool if you have a child who is having “monster” issues.  It’s just a plain, fun read too.  The colours are bright against the black background.  The writing is clear.  The cut-outs are large and neat, so it’s easy to see what has changed on each page.  My daughter enjoys it and it’s a favourite of mine to read to her.

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