Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Avengers' Butts

(c) Kevin Bolk
I thought this was awesome and had to share.  What if the men were posed like Black Widow?

She's a strong character, just as kick ass as any of these men.

Found here:  Stargazing blog by Malene Arpe


  1. You can't help but laugh at that Hulk pose. Seriously, though, it points out how women are objectified in comics in ways that male characters aren't.

  2. Anonymous31/5/12 23:37

    I call bull. Male characters are just as objectified in comics as females. They all tend to wear skin tight clothing and they all have their fair share of softcore nudity. Tits are often exaggerated but so are the comically large bulges of most male characters. This strikes me as yet another example of the female double standard. They want equal pay but don't want to do any of the demanding, back breaking labor. They want women to be more then mere sex objects but say nothing about the jailbait werewolf from the Twilight series that goes shirtless more often then not. If there was any justice in the world we would've seen a Hermione tit shot. Ten years, eight movies and almost an entire days worth of footage later and not so much as a nip slip. Harry freakin Potter goes full frontal though. No justice at all.

    1. I almost didn't post this comment as I don't want my blog to be flagged as having inappropriate content. I appreciate your choice to remain "Anonymous" as anyone who expresses a desire to see a teenage girl's nipple may face an investigation. My husband, in fact, questioned my choice to publish your comment.

      You are allowed to have your opinion, however uninformed and irrational it may be. Looking up at the above picture, I don't see the same level of sexualization of the male characters as I do in Black Widow. Also, I thought the second picture was funny in it's exaggeration.

      Equality of the sexes is still a long way off. If you want more information, the site Feminist Philosophers has some excellent examples.

      While I could rebut each of your claims, I have better ways to spend my time and I think most readers of my blog know what I would have to say.