Sunday, August 05, 2012

Faces of Tomorrow / Faces of Time

Remember the "Roots of Empathy" program I participated in with my son?  I wrote several blog posts chronicling that journey.  Though there was a classroom full of unpredictable kindergarteners, it was worth every moment.  The founder, Mary Gordon (or at least someone working for her), sent me a book.  We all know how much I love books.  Couriered to my home, they sent me, Faces of Time, a photo book of babies!  I love babies.  Mary Gordon's daughter, Melanie, is the photographer.  Baby faces!  

Faces of Time is the second in a series.  The first book, Faces of Tomorrow , is a collection of baby faces, from various cultures, in various expressions.  That one was given to me way back in October when I first signed up for the program.  Faces of Time features Canadian Aboriginal babies, First Nations, Métis and Inuit.  I didn't even realize the babies were aboriginal until I read the "thank you" letter that came with the book.  Honestly, these babies remind me of mine.

I am trying to find these books online!!!!  

Babies love faces.  It's something I learned with my first child.  Faces are full of expression and contrast.  That's why babies are always grabbing at your face, it's just so interesting!

Okay.  So, I'm expressing how cute these books are.  They're simple and nice.  I can't find them at a single retailer.  You can order Faces of Tomorrow through the Roots of Empathy website, but that's it!  Why?  Why are the Gordons making it impossible for their books to be found by the general public?  Do they want to books to have a more exclusive feel?  Are they expensive to reproduce, so they only make enough to fill orders through the website and to give to parents like me?  I'd like to know.  These books are nice, I'm recommending them here, but without a way for anyone who reads this post to easily get their hands on a copy.  Besides ordering the first book, Faces of Tomorrow through the website, I can't find another way.  It almost makes me like the books less.

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