Saturday, March 16, 2013


I think I could have easily read Marie Lu's Legend in one sitting if I had more time. (This post is gong to be mostly a smattering of thoughts...) Legend was intense. The character development was great, it's always something I look for; I loved how June and Day learn and grow. They are wonderfully created individuals and an excellent pair of lead characters. I enjoyed the alternating between their points of view. I thought the font change was a good idea, but I don't know why the font colour needed to change too. I thought that was weird, but it didn't do anything to alter my utter enjoyment of the novel. I thought the militaristic angle was interesting and one I hadn't read before. The world building was woven so easily into the story, you understood every step June and Day were taking and why. The story has left me wondering about the Republic's secrets and what happened to the world. The Republic was vivid and frighteningly real. Marie Lu wrote a fantastically entertaining and engaging novel. I'm excited to read Prodigy.  It was just the kind of book I needed right now.

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