Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Book Jar

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Where are the little
slips of paper?
I've seen a lot of posts and pictures in the last year or so about Book Jars. Recently, I saw one on Book Riot and I've seen them around Pinterest. Book Riot and many of the pins on Pinterest refer to The Book Jar Page from Alex In Leeds.

I really like the idea of making a book jar. It's one I've started to consider.  I would not make one divided by genre, as part of the fun for me would be not knowing anything at all.  However, I don't know if I could stick to the slip of paper I pulled out. I've mentioned before that I can be a moody reader. If I didn't feel like reading that particular book, how many pulls would I give myself? Should I put a limit on myself? 

One Book Riot commenter mentioned the Goodreads feature of randomizing your "to-read" shelf (which isn't an option for the apps).  I thought that was a good idea; you just click on the to-read shelf and you have a book.  The problem I have is that I don't own everything on my "to-read" shelf, plus some of the books I have listed there are not even published yet, so going out to buy or borrow isn't an option. What do you do then?  Do you move down the list until you reach a book you own? Do you keep hitting refresh until a book you own pops up?  Plus, I also like the tactile sense of paper in a jar.  

If I make one, I wouldn't use it all the time. I'd likely only use it of I were in a slump or having a book hangover or for when I simply can't decide. I'd let myself have at least 2 (probably 3 or 4) pulls in case I wasn't feeling the first book. Having a hundred (or more...) unread books on your shelves can be pretty daunting. Maybe this would make my decisions easier. I wouldn't do it of it made it more difficult. Maybe I'll be putting another Book Jar post up here soon. Anyone out there have a book jar?


  1. A book jar is an intriguing idea, but not one I would use. I pick books from my ample backlog of titles depending on my mood. What if I chose a book I wasn't in the right mood to read?

    1. That was my issue too, I pick books based on mood. I'm not sure I'll even make one, I just like the idea of it.