Saturday, January 04, 2014

He Giveth His Beloved Sleep

He Giveth His Beloved Sleep is a poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. She is better know for Sonnets from the Portuguese and specifically the poem, How Do I Love Thee?. Browning is a poet who seems focused on death and the end of her life. I found death running through some of the Sonnets and I find it here as well. The poem was interesting and engaging. I liked it and will likely re-read it (it is not very long). It was just a bit depressing for this time of year and I could use something for uplifting.  I really liked the edition I read. It was an ebook, but it seems like it was scanned from an edition published in 1880.  The illustrations were quite interesting.  It was published in the style of a storybook, with plenty of illustrations.  For anyone interested in Browning's work, I recommend reading He Giveth His Beloved Sleep in this type of edition.  The more I read from Browning, the more I want to read from her.

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