Friday, May 09, 2014

Popular Authors I've Never Read

When I tell people I love reading, many (usually the ones who don't read very much or at all) assume I read the "bestsellers" or the very popular authors that even non-readers know of (usually through their books being made into movies).  My usual response is something like, I've heard her/his books are good. I'd like to read them at some point, I'll get to them one day, etc. ,whether it is my actual intention to "get to them" or not.

I thought I'd compile a short list of authors that are popular, who I'm frequently asked if I've read.  

1. John Grisham - I keep thinking I aught to read him.  He has written so much, I wouldn't know where to start. I'm also not sure his stuff is for me.
2. E.L. James - and I won't.  Ever.
3. Nicolas Sparks - I probably won't ever read him either.  For more than one reason.
4. George R.R. Martin - I aught to read him. It seems like he writes stuff I'd like to read, but the books are just... so... big!
5. John Green - see #1
6. James Patterson - see #1
7. Mary Higgins Clark - see #1

The same goes for classics. I've never read:

8. Fyodor Dostoyevsky - So intimidating.
9. Anne Brontë - Though I've read both Emily and Charlotte.

I also haven't read some of the really popular current authors like:

10. Gillian Flynn - I feel like there's too much hype for me to be objective.
11. Rainbow Rowell - I really want to read Attachments.  Of all her books, the story appeals to me the most, though I know Eleanor and Park is being made into a movie.

I think the above eleven are enough.  Which popular authors have you never read?  Why? 


  1. I've still got a lot of such authors. Only so much reading time to go. I won't get into all mine, but they're in the "Glaring Omissions" sidebar on my blog. Of your list, I've not read Sparks, Martin, Green, Bronte, and of those popular current authors, Flynn and Rowell, it shows how out of touch I am that I've not even heard of them. Dostoevsky may sound intimidating, Russian classics and all, but I didn't find Crime and Punishment as difficult (or long) as some other Russian lit I've read. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised though it probably depends on the translation. Unfortunately, I don't remember who translated the one I read and it predates my blog so I can't check back.

    1. I have a copy of Crime and Punishment... I just need to make myself read it one day. Some of the other authors, I'm not sure if I'll ever read them.... I will read Anne Brontë, it somehow doesn't seem right that I've read her sisters, but not her. I don't know if I'll ever read the others...

  2. If it helps, with Grisham, all of his books are standalones. Some of them share the same setting (Clanton, Mississippi), and the same characters, but they're not tied together. Most his books are legal thrillers, but there are the odd sports novels ("Playing for Pizza", "Calico Joe", "Bleachers"), some that are purely political/criminal ("The Broker"), and some like The Last Juror which are hard to classify. The Last Juror is really the story of a small town as the Events of the 60s and 70s happen to it, with some crime thrown in. It's my favorite novel, alternating with The Rainmaker depending on which one I read last.

  3. I've read 1 George Martin and a few James Paterson, but nothing by any of the others.

    1. We will see if I ever end up reading one of them...