Wednesday, July 09, 2014

The Lone Drow

The Lone Drow is the second book in R.A. Salvatore's Hunter's Blade trilogy.  It is also book 15 in the overall Legend of Drizzt series.  That means I've read 15 Drizzt books!  When did that happen?  It doesn't feel like 15.  I still remember how excited I was when I read The Crystal Shard.  Was that really 15 books ago?  The more it doesn't feel like 15 books, the more I think I'm enjoying it.

The Lone Drow was everything I want in a fantasy book.  There was loads of action, so much more than the previous book, The Thousand Orcs.  This was a book of war.  The dwarves of Mithral Hall and their allies, fighting valiantly against hordes of orcs, with frost giants and trolls thrown in to make the situation even more dire.  There were moments of love, of hate, of tragedy and emotion.  There were heroic resurrections and heroic falls.  The Hunter's Blade books have really hooked me back into Drizzt.  I have to know what happens to him.

Vague Spoilers....

I wish Drizzt had been reunited with the other Companions.  They're so close and yet so far.  They know he's alive, but he really believes that they're dead.  I understand why he thinks Bruenor is dead, but the others?  Why doesn't he believe that at least one of them is alive?  Maybe it's just a "prepare  for the worst" kind of thing. 
I am really interested in seeing where Drizzt's relationship goes with Innovindil.  She's his first real elf friend.  There are things he can learn from her that he can't from humans, dwarves or halflings.  She isn't just a flat character either, goodly all the time.  She has a dark side that might be growing.
The ruby thing with Bruenor was clever.
There is so much story left to tell.  This is definitely a "middle" book in a trilogy.  Lots of things happen, there is a lot of action, and there is no conclusion.  Where will the characters end up?  Will any of them die?  Will they come back to life? I'm excited to see where the Legend of Drizzt will take me.

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