Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Is The Toothfairy Cheap?

My daughter has recently lost her fifth tooth.  (She's getting so big!) She comes into our room the morning after, crawls into bed with us, then hold up the coin she found under her pillow.  A twoonie ($2.00).  After a few minutes, she huffs and says, "Why can't the toothfairy leave bills? They're money too."  I look over at my husband and we stifle our laughs.  What is the going rate for teeth these days?  Is the toothfairy cheap?  My daughter then states that she wants to leave the toothfairy a note (under her pillow) asking her this question.  My hubby tells her that the toothfairy might not get it until the next time she loses a tooth.  We left it at that.  It was time to get up anyway.


  1. We've left tickets to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, keys to a mini-Hummer, and a Royal Doulton Royal Wedding commemorative plate.

    Nah, we leave tens. Which is probably still steep, but when I said that to my wife she figured that it's not like they lose teeth everyday, so I shut up. Did you see the Modern Family when Cam and Mitch accidentally put a $100 under Lily's pillow?

    1. That's hilarious! $100 certainly sets a precedent.

      Maybe the toothfairy will leave a $5 next time... :)