Thursday, July 02, 2015


I finally finished watching Marvel's Daredevil series on Netflix  It was fantastic.  I know I'm late. Most people probably binge-watched it as soon as it came out. I wanted to do that, but the Hubby and I decided to make it our Walking Dead replacement, and have been watching it together every Sunday night. I could have secretly watched the whole thing ages ago, but I'm a good wife.

I love Charlie Cox, who was the handsome Tristan in Stardust. Matt Murdock is totally the opposite. Matt feels like someone you might know, someone who grew up in darkness, but came out wanting to be a lawyer and trying to change the world. When he explains why he first puts on the black mask, it was so believable, so truthful, it was difficult not to imagine someone actually doing this. I really appreciated the evolution of his suit too.  He didn't come out on day one wearing red leather; he had a basic outfit that changed into something more, when he realized he would need something more.  The horns are a little pointier than I expected them to be, but I like the suit, something that helps define his image while also offering him protection.

I can also see why having Daredevil on Netflix is more appealing than having it on a network. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Agent Carter are great for ABC, but Daredevil could only be what it is as a Netflix series.  It was bloody, there were bad words, I saw bone co,me out of an arm!  A head got smashed by a door!  The shooting style, the cuts and bruises, the grit, it was amazing.

There were so many tense moments, so many times I had to hold my Hubby's hand because I knew something bad was going to happen. The last two episodes had me almost in tears, I could barely hold it together at that funeral. The characters were more than people in cartoon costumes, they were real people with motivations, reasons for the dark and light in their lives.  They had reasons and histories. Fisk and Vanessa, Foggy and Karen, were people that had bad things happen to them, but they also made their choices.  Also, I loved Claire.  I wish we could see more of her, but maybe she will be showing up in Luke Cage.  I can't wait for Jessica Jones (though coming soon to TV date night, The Strain.) If the rest of Marvel's Netflix series are like Daredevil, they are going to be amazing.  

There's so much in this series to connect to, Ben, his wife, what happens to Wesley, Josie, Marcy, wanting to rebuild after "the incident", wanting to make the neighbourhood you grew up in a better place, giving back.  I could talk about how wonderful the show was aesthetically. I could talk about the plot, the twists.  Daredevil's place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and where we might see him in the future.  I appreciate though, that if you have never seen another Marvel film or show, you can watch the Daredevil series and enjoy it.  It alludes to the greater MCU, but it doesn't really effect the show.  You don't ever see Captain America or Iron Man.  Daredevil is given a chance to exist on its own and create its own mark.  Daredevil is for anyone who likes a good action series.


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I liked it as much as the MCU movies. One of the best things I remember seeing on TV in a long, long time.

    Did you hear that the Punisher is going to be in the 2nd season?

    1. So awesome and now I have high expectations for the other shows.

      I did hear about The Punisher. I heard that they cast the guy who played Shane on Walking Dead, who I think would be so great at that role. I'm curious to see what kind of Punisher we'll get, good or bad. Will they start off as enemies, then turn into friends by the end of the season. If he's popular enough, would Punisher get his own series too or crossover somewhere else? With MCU, I feel like they have so many options between movies, tv and Netflix.

  2. I've heard rumours it'll be a bad Punisher.

    Apparently Kevin Feige (the head Marvel Studios guy) once was none too keen on crossing the TV universe over with the movies, which is unfortunate. He's also been on record saying that he doesn't want the MCU to go "dark" so I'm fearful that he'd consider the Daredevil's vibe (Foggy's comic-relief wit notwithstanding) would not be a good fit. That said, I think (considering the vigilante themes) Daredevil could have been a perfect fit for the upcoming Civil War movie.

    1. Ooo... a bad Punisher....

      The movie universe has already crossed into tv a little. Sif was on SHIELD twice and the Howling Commandos were on Agent Carter. Plus, last season on SHIELD, it was all Inhumans and there's an Inhumans movies planned. I think that the we are unlikely to see the big guys on tv, but other characters have and will crossover.

      I don't think Daredevil will show up in the movies, but I can see a SHIELD agent stopping by to put him on the Index or something. You're right, he would be great in Civil War, but I don't see that happening either. Part of it's marketing too, right? Daredevil is too dark for the kids who watch Avengers.