Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight

I love Captain Marvel. She might be my favourite after reading In Pursuit of Flight. I am so happy that my Hubby bought this and several other Captain Marvel volumes for me. Sometimes I hesitate buying comics, as I know once you start, you might never stop. Some series go on forever, more so in the superhero world.

I love how real and wonderful Captain Marvel is. In Pursuit of Flight sees Captain Marvel in a state of transition and unsurity. It also finds her in an "Avenger" situation (but that's okay, it's just a Tuesday). Captain Marvel learns about herself and who she wants to be, while trying to solve a mystery. I loved the characters we get to meet, the Banshees and Helen Cobb.

So, here's my one problem. About 2/3 of the way through the graphic novel, the art changed. It was still good, but different. Also, though it was good, I preferred the art I started out with. It was the art that first struck me as Captain Marvel and Captain America were having their conversation about Mar-Vell. I don't know what it was exactly, but there was emotion in that art. In Pursuit of Flight collects #1-6 of Captain Marvel - Marvel NOW!, was there a reason the art was changed at issue 4? Was it for the story or did someone leave? Maybe I'd rather not know.

One thing I also appreciated was that this volume was contained. There are graphic novels that follow in this series, but In Pursuit of Flight was a complete story. I've read a few books lately that didn't conclude well. They left the ending with a set up for the next installment. I'm so happy that didn't happen with In Pursuit of Flight. Though I am very excited to read Down, there are no nagging questions. Completeness makes my happy.

The costume. She has pants! There is zero clevege. The colours are great. The headpiece is so great. I don't think I could be happier with Captian Marvel's look...  Honestly, I'm always excited when a female superhero gets pants. Because really, why are you fighting crime/aliens/Hydra/whatever, in a bathing suit? It's not realistic and though the fantasy is great, I connect with what is real about the characters. Captain Marvel's emotional questions are real and part of what makes her compelling and appealing. In one graphic novel, I think I am now fully invested in Carol Danvers and the choices she makes in the future.


  1. It is jarring when the artists suddenly change for sure. Not uncommon in comics collections though. Often collecting a story arc that was spread over 6 comics, each which came out about a month after one another, it's probably hard to get a busy artist to commit to a long run.

    1. Ya, I know, but their styles were so different, that it kind of hit me, versus it kind of dawning on me after a couple pages. I think because I preferred the first one so much, I noticed it.