Saturday, January 30, 2016

Inside Out

Why do Pixar movies make me cry? Wall-E, Up and especially Toy Story 3. Now Inside Out. Thank you Netflix for making this available. As soon as I saw it, I knew that it was the perfect movie for my daughter and her friend to watch on their sleepover. We all watched it. Inside Out was so good! I have to watch it again. There's just so much going on, but it's not complicated. It's a children's movie, but is so full of emotion and amazing storytelling, that everyone will love it. Seriously, if you watch this movie and don't feel at least a little something... I don't know. 

This guy.
I love the learning, that Joy and Sadness often go together. Emotion can be complex. Growing up is hard. I love that the emotions learn and it is reflected in the way Riley learns. Getting a peak inside the parents' minds were fantastic too. All the minds. You learn about emotional development, but it's such a part of the story that you don't even notice.

The imaginary friend, Bing Bong, did me it. I actually thought I was going to get through the movie okay. I was thinking, what were people talking about. My friend said that she teared up. It was emotional, but I wasn't feeling the sadness. Until Bing Bong, specifically, the end of his arch in the movie. I'm watching this movie with children, so I had to hold it together, but definitely dabbing at my eyes. Inside Out has definitely joined the ranks of Disney Pixar tear jerkers.

It's a team effort.
There are definitely tense moments for younger or more sensitive children. My little ones needed some parent cuddles to get through some parts, but in the end, the loved the story. I've been wondering if they could watch some of the sadder Pixar choices and I think if Inside Out is any indication, I should be picking up a copy of Wall-E. Inside Out definitely lived up to the Pixar standard.


  1. I was VERY impressed with Inside Out. I just LOVED Sadness - she was by far my favourite character. A great story well told and a welcome return to their high standards after a few less than stellar movies. Oh, and Bing Bong... I think the whole movie theatre shed a tear (or more as I heard at least one child howling with sadness) when he disappeared..... [sobs]

    1. Sadness was great. I think all the characters were well done. I'm a little partial to Disgust. I loved her sarcasm. I'm looking forward to seeing what the studio has in store for the future.

  2. Ah, yes... the puberty button.... [lol]. I see on the DVD they have a short of Riley's first date [snigger].