Friday, January 15, 2016

Captain Marvel: Down

Down was thrilling, the second volume in Captain Marvel (Marvel NOW!). It gave me more of the ending I was expecting in In Pursuit of Flight, but did I like it better? I don't know. It was pretty cliffhanger-ish. It was so good!

So, there might be something wrong with Earth's Mightiest Hero. Maybe it's her health, maybe it's her ego, maybe it's an enemy. Or all those things. Carol Danvers wants to hold on to a little bit of normal, but she has a neighbour that makes a good point. When a "superhero type" moves into a building to try and "be normal", they put that entire building in danger. The first example that comes to mind is the Baxter Building. How many times has the Fantastic Four been attacked? What about Stark Tower? Tony better be paying his employees a lot to work there. Of course, this is why so many heroes have secret identities. Peter Parker wants to protect Aunt May, Superman wants to protect Lois Lane (this is the only DC example that has come to mind). But everyone KNOWS Carol Danvers is Captain Marvel. Boom! Target right there on that nice little building you live in. At least Stark Tower has security.

The ending though, was just so exciting. I was surprised, happy and hooked. The more I read of Captain Marvel, the more I want to read about Captain Marvel. The other doctor coming in at the end and name dropping, the missed calls, Captain America visiting, Tony Stark calling, Wendy, I loved every bit of it. The same thing that happened with the art in In Pursuit of Flight happened again here, but sooner. I'm deciding to get over it. Different is fine as long as it's still good and it was. I loved the characters' expressions, the choices in angle and colors. Captain Marvel: Down was another hit for me.

Please note, that the conclusion to this trilogy is actually Avengers: The Enemy Within, not a Captain Marvel title. Just so anyone interested knows what they're looking for, and if In Pursuit of Flight and Down are any indication, it is worth the look.

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