Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Paperbacks and Hardcovers

I'm thinking of switching to paperbacks for a certain author. This author's books are HUGE! I think they might be getting bigger too. In general, I'm a hardcover fan. I don't know why. I think it's partly an aesthetic thing. They're big and tall and sturdy. They just give me a feeling that I think a lot of book lovers, no matter their preference can relate to. As I've gotten older, my preference for hardcovers has grown.

However, they're not cheap. I'm a book lover who also likes a good price. I buy from sales, bargain bins and used bookstores. If there's a book I want and the paperback is significantly cheaper than the hardcover, I'll go for the paperback. (I do have moments where I want paperbacks too.)

Which brings me back to this particular author. A book has come out that I want. But it's HUGE! In hardcover, this book and future books by this author would take up a lot of space. Space that I don't have. Even though I'd have to wait, waiting for paperback might be a good idea. Also, the hardcovers from this author seem to be getting more expensive. I'm pretty sure all of the books I have from this author are hardcover, which makes the decision more difficult. It'd be switching formats. Do I want to do that? I think I do. The uniform-ness of that author's books, might look nice, but in general, I don't tend to need books to match, it's just because all of these do.

I know I could just get the book from the library, but I'm a book hoarder. I accept it. Though the library has been getting more appealing as I run out of space.

So, that's it, right? I'm waiting for the paperback?


  1. Definitely paperbacks - worth the wait. Hardbacks have longevity (and tend to look good) but are *way* too expensive and take up too much room. If most/all of my paperbacks where hardbacks I'd need to move house!

    1. Haha! They do take up a lot of space. I'm a sale shopper though, so even when I buy hardbacks, I'm not paying more than the paperback price (sometimes less!). But this one authors, they're just SO BIG!

  2. I can be of no help here cos I typically avoid hardbacks. As nice as they look (and they do look nice) I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate how heavy they are. So, I mean, I'd say wait for paperback but that's what I'd do in either scenario so yeah, not helping.

  3. Thanks :)
    I don't have a big commute (you have a long one, right?), so I'm not usually worried about the weight. These particular books though....