Thursday, December 08, 2016

Blast From The Past #8 - Beautiful Lies

Apparently ten years ago in December I only blogged twice. A bit different from how my blogging habits grew, so it was a little unexpected. In the first half of the month, I read a book called Beautiful Lies, by Emilie Richards. I seemed to have had mixed feelings about it. It was a romance novel, that based on the previous post, I thought was okay. There were unexpected things that happened (apparently), and I always like that. Beyond what this post says, I have zero recollection of this book. I still own it, it's on my shelf, but if you had asked me before today I had read it, I might have said, no.

So I looked up the synopsis of the book and that is what I remember. I remember reading the synopsis and thinking it sounded kind of interesting and that I would give it a try. I think there's a boat in it too...

Do you remember every book you've ever read? I've read a lot, and I like to think that I at least vaguely remember what I've read. Some books I remember more than others, but if I've enjoyed it, the story aught to leave some kind of impression. Right? Though it would be hard to come up with a book that I have read, but forgotten.

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  1. It's very rare for me to completely forget a book. Even bad books are memorable in their own way! I have, very occasionally, bought the same book twice but that's usually because of a reissue with a different cover and (sometimes) a different title....!! I can normally tell if I've read a book pretty much immediately. The problem is trying to remember if I already own a book I haven't read yet. Then I have to remember if I own it, it's on my Amazon Wish List or if I've only downloaded the cover on the off chance that I'll eventually buy it and review it on my blog.