Monday, March 13, 2017


I really tried my very best not to get too emotional for an R-rated X-Men movie, but I couldn't help myself with Logan. The end was just amazing. Endings can make or break a movie (or book) for me and I loved/hated Logan's. Those are really the best kinds. I feel like if I say too much, I'll give away the ending.

Ok, so Professor X dropped a lot of F-bombs. Like a lot. It totally took me a aback. I might have grabbed my Hubby's arm. Their relationship has certainly evolved. I don't know if anyone could have done more for the Professor than Logan. His revelation at the end, I knew where that was going, but to have him know, was a bit heartbreaking.

There were some amazing moments between Laura and Logan. The silence, the yelling, the fights. It was messy and wonderful, exactly what we'd expect from Wolverine. We also expected a lot of decapitations and dismemberments. Let me just casually roll this head to you. Every fight sequence was fantastic, exciting, and didn't hold back.

Speaking of violence, R-rated violence, there was a kid in the theatre. Young enough to be scolded by his mother for not picking up his trash. Significantly young. I'm glad I didn't noticed until we were leaving. Like with Deadpool and other bloody, graphic, scary films, this is not for children. Not that I completely shield my oldest from TV violence, but she is way too young for Logan, though I do think in about 5 or 6 years when I finally let her see it, she'll like it.

It makes me sad to think this is Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart's last film as Wolverine and Professor X, but it was a great way for them to go out.

No, I have to read the Old Man Logan comics.

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  1. After loving the trailers so much I was really looking forward to this 'very different' X-Men movie. Unfortunately I was rather disapointed by the whole thing. I enjoyed parts of it and I really liked the girl (who I think has a great deal of potential) but the rest of it left me a bit cold. Maybe it was because it wasn't the movie I had expected it to be? Maybe I need to step away, think on it for a while, and see it again.... Maybe.....