Friday, May 12, 2017


I like a sci-fi Groundhog Day and that's what ARQ gave me, but it had a twist. The twist at the end, that one second, elevated the movie for me. I saw the trailers for this Netflix movie ages ago, but hadn't gotten around to watching it. Then I found myself with some free time and looking for some entertainment. Ren and Hannah are not your usual couple, the trailers were deceptive with that. Every time loop gave us a new surprise.

Through each loop we learn about Ren and Hannah. ARQ starts right in the meat of the story. There is no preamble, no getting to know the starring couple, there's the bed, the time noticed, the attack. With each loop, Ren learns more. Then Hannah does as well. They learn the truth. They learn about each other and the world beyond. The whole situation is crazy. Who do they trust? Do they escape? Do they try to stop the machine? How many loops has it been? That's the question that has really stuck with me - How many loops has it been? How long does each loop last? Is it days? Months? Years? Finding that border, seeing beyond, really made you think.

ARQ is not the first Netflix Original I've watched, but it was the first movie. It has gotten me interested in watching more, not that I need to add more to my queue. ARQ had action, interesting characters, and a story full of twists and surprises. It was exactly the entertainment I wanted. 

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