Monday, June 05, 2017

Wonder Woman

Yes. Just, yes. Wonder Woman was everything that I hoped it would be. Diana was amazing. She was tough, determined, strong, sensitive and iconic. I don't know if I could have loved Diana more. I loved her insistence about training. I loved her directness. Gal Gadot was strong and brilliant, emotional and expressive. She brought Wonder Woman to life on screen with class and independence. Her performance, seeing Wonder Woman up there kicking ass, having a formidable presence, but also being a part of a deep, complex story, was wonderful.  I loved the emotion in the story. I loved that the story made sense, that it was Wonder Woman's origin, but that it also tied into the DC Universe and looks like it will lead nicely into the Justice League movie. I hope there is a lot of Wonder Woman in that movie.

Wonder Woman was my favourite part of Batman V Superman, and I was so very much looking forward to finally seeing her movie, but I was also worried. While I thought the DC Universe stories were okay (I don't hate on them as much as I've seen others), they all disappointed me in some way. So though Wonder Woman looked amazing, and I thought she should have had a bigger role in a movie with the title Dawn of Justice, I was still worried that this film would not live up to my expectations, that it would be like the DC films before it. Seriously though, how has there never been a Wonder Woman film before this? Wonder Woman is 76 years old. There are at least 6 Superman movies I can think of off the top of my head and 8 of Batman. Honestly, I know there are more, but looking them up will probably frustrate me. You know what, let's get back to how awesome the Wonder Woman movie was.

Watching Diana transition from her sheltered life on Themyscira to the world of man was interesting. She knows a lot, over 100 languages and she's read countless books. She's studied and trained hard. But she is not prepared for how women are treated. She is not prepared for the laws that govern the world. She is not prepared for the clothes. I would not be very happy with some of the clothes either, though the outfit Diana settled on seemed to fit her personality well. 

I loved when Diana and Steve were on the boat together. I really enjoyed Steve Trevor. He didn't take over the story. He was the guide with whom Diana could understand the world of man. Through him, she also saw how there was good and evil in everyone. She saw how people make choices and can change. Steve had the typical instinct to protect Diana, but once he saw what she could do, once he learned, she leaped into battle with a cheer; he needed her. Would it have been nice if he trusted her abilities at her word? Yes, but I also think about the World War I era and that this would be typical male behaviour. 

I also have to say I really loved that French village. Diana was amazing there (and everywhere). Her/Steve's men were great there too. In that village, they all learned more about each other, about who they really were and who they could be. It would have been easy to let them be who they seemed at first, but movie let us see more in them, see their goodness.

I want to see Hippolyta again. I want to see what happens when Diana goes home. I want to see how the relationship with her mother has changed and what other changes there may have been on the island. We deserve another Wonder Woman movie. Wonder Woman is easily the best movie DC has made in a long time. I hope they keep that going and everyone watches this fantastic story.

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