Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Undead and Unworthy


Undead and Unworthy is the seventh book in MaryJanice Davidson’s Undead series. It was a refreshingly light and easy read after my last novel. Queen Betsy Taylor is just what I wanted her to be. There’s someone who’s come to overthrow her, as usual. There’s another ghost bothering her and it’s a surprise as to who it is. The end is also surprisingly sad. I had to re-read a small part to make sure I didn’t misunderstand; it was a bit of a shock. Betsy gets a win, but also suffers a loss.

There’s not much new to say. The characters, plot and style were in keeping with the books that have come before. At the beginning of the book, Davidson includes a note to readers, which says that this novel is the first in a three book story arc. Davidson calls it a trilogy within a series. I’m excited to see what she brings in the next two books. I wonder how the Wyndam Werewolves will be involved. Undead and Unworthy was a nice, comforting read.

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