Monday, April 04, 2011

Catching Fire

Is it possible to love Catching Fire more than The Hunger Games? I think it is. While The Hunger Games was incredible, Catching Fire had me on the edge of my seat. I never knew what was going to happen next. There were elements of the ending that I could see coming because of the setup throughout the story, but there are other parts that took me by surprise. It all made me want to dive into Mockingjay so much more.

There isn’t really anything new to say that I hadn’t mentioned in my previous post on The Hunger Games or other people have already written. The only thing I’ll add is that Catching Fire really emphasizes how far the vanity of the Capitol has really gone. President Snow and Caesar Flickerman have been around for over 25 years and they look practically the same. No one shows there age in the Capitol. Katniss mentions that people in District 12 would never do those sorts of surgical procedures to themselves. If someone has reached old age, they are envied and counted as lucky and they don’t hide it. I know there are people out there that get botox, collagen injections and all kinds of plastic surgery. Could it happen that you can hide yourself aging 25 years? It seems creepy and wrong. I think people should try to age well, exercise, don’t smoke, eat well. But to look like you’re 25 when you’re 50 seems wrong.

Moving on from that serious note… I’m very excited to dive into Mockingjay. I don’t’ know how people read Catching Fire, then had to wait almost a year for Mockingjay could stand it! I know I’ve felt that way with other books in series before, the anticipation of waiting or the relief that the next books is at hand. I’m happy that I can already start Mockingjay since Catching Fire has me so wound. I want to know how it all ends.

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