Sunday, January 15, 2012

Artist Ryan Larvin

I am going to tell you something important about Ryan Larvin.  Ryan is a fantastic artist. I love his paintings. I am excited to write about his work and have his paintings on my blog.  Ryan's work makes me think of love and family.  There is a beauty and fluidity in his art that can make you feel comfortable and warm, even if it's a painting of a snowy hill.

Currently, Ryan resides in Leeds. He is often in Canada.  He will do work on commission and has work on sale at Brown's Gallery in the UK.  Customers can customize their paintings by choosing colours and by having their initials painted on a the tree.  Each member of a family can be included in the paintings too.  Please visit his website for more information.

Leeds Fine art Artist Ryan Larvin Original modern fine art! personalised for your home interior

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