Friday, December 16, 2011

Roots Day 3 or I Don't Think The Kids Learned Anything

I had another Roots session on Wednesday.  I don't think the kids learned anything.

This session was supposed to have me go through my diaper bag and explain to the kids what I take with me to care for my son.  Did they retain any of what I said?  I don't know.  A few of them might have.

The teacher and the educational assistant (EA) weren't there.  Instead, there was a supply teacher and a supply EA.  It's difficult to keep control of kindergarteners when you don't even know there name.  The Roots instructor told me that in this instance, the school is supposed to call her and have her reschedule.  It's policy.  The kids didn't learn anything and they were getting a little too close to me and my son.  I wonder if the instructor had a few words for the school administration after I left.

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