Sunday, April 01, 2012

Roots Day #7 or Talk To Me, Baby

I should have posted this last week, but it’s been busy and I completely forgot.

This session’s Roots of Empathy topic was communication.  I talked about how I know what my son needs and how he is feeling based on his facial expressions, cries and body language.  Then the teacher related this to the kids when they hurt themselves.  She said something like, she can tell if they’re really hurt or if they just got a little boo-boo based on how they are crying.  I thought it was a good example and she explained it much better than I just did.

What got my attention this week is how much bolder they kids are getting in their attempts to touch my baby.  It’s a rule that they are not supposed to touch me or my son.  It’s a combination of germs (kindergarteners have A LOT of germs that aren’t good for an infant) and if one of them gets to hug him, they all will want to and not all of them know how to be gentle.  They keep trying to grab his hand (which goes directly into his mouth) or they ask if they can hug him.  I feel a little bad that I have to say no; they look a little sad, but those are the rules. Plus, I honestly don’t want the kids touching my son in case he gets sick.  The flu on a 5-year-old is much different than the flu on a 9-month-old.

The kids seem to still be really enjoying the visits and my little baby (who is not so little) seems to really like it too.  I think only two more visits left to go!

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