Sunday, April 29, 2012

Who's The Richest Fictional Character This Year?

Forbes Fictional richest 15 people are out.  Well, it was actually out on the 23rd.  I'm a bit slow.  Here they are:

1. Smaug
2. Flintheart Glomgold
3. Carlisle Cullen
4. Jed Clampett
5. Tony Stark
6. Richie Rich
7. Charles Foster Kane
8. Bruce Wayne
9. Forrest Gump
10. Mr. Monopoly
11. Lisbeth Salander
12. Tywin Lannister
13. C. Montgomery Burns
14. Robert Crawley
15. Jo Bennett

I had to look up 12, 14 and 15.  I also posted last year's list.  Scrooge McDuck, last year's number 1 isn't even on the list this year.  Smaug came up from last year's 7th place finish.  Also, how is Lisbeth Salander on this list?  I've only read the first book, maybe I need to read the other two?

From Forbes: "Net worth estimates are based on an analysis of the fictional character’s source material, and where possible, valued against known real-world commodity and share price movements. In the case of privately held fictional concerns, we seek to identify comparable fictional public companies. All figures are as of market close, April 1, 2012."

Where I saw it first:  Stargazing blog by Malene Arpe

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