Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hollow City

Hollow City is the second book in Ransom Rigg's series, Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children.  I loved the first book.  I was very interested in all the old photographs and they way that the author blended the storytelling and the photos.  I was a little concerned that the "novelty" of the photos would wear off for me in the second book; I hoped it wouldn't feel gimmicky.  It did not.  I think there were less photos this time around, which, I think, made the storytelling more fluid, where filling it with photos like last time would have seemed forced.

The third book in the series is apparently not coming out until "late 2015".  That's at least a year, if not longer.  I wouldn't be paying so much attention to this if the ending of Hollow City wasn't so intense, twisty and peculiar.  I thought the ending was intriguing, but like the first book, it ended with a serious cliffhanger.  In Hollow City the cliffhanger might even be worse.  Usually, I like my books in a series to still be able to stand on their own, at least a bit.  The books in Miss Peregrine' Peculiar Children do not.  It's a series in an unapologetic way.  The journey of the children, especially Jacob, is one long road, that could not be told in a single tale.  It needs to be broken up into books.  So, I will eagerly await then next Peculiar tale and hope it doesn't take too long.

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