Sunday, July 24, 2016

Star Trek: Beyond

I'm such a geek. So even though this weekend was packed full of things to do, Hubby and I sacrificed a little sleep and went to see a late showing of Star Trek Beyond last night. Yes, it was definitely worth it. Before I get into how much I loved the film, the story, the effects, the characters, I just have to say that watching Anton Yelchin as Chekov was a little sad, but he was so good. I tried to "suspend my disbelief" and just enjoy his scenes, Chekov's time with Kirk and with Scottie, sharing looks with Sulu, being on the bridge, being on the planet. He was fantastic and I would have loved to see what he did in the future.

I only have one complaint that I'm going to get out of the way, something I didn't realize until Hubby pointed it out. It sort of has nothing to do with the actual movie. It was the trailers before the movie. There were no "geeky" trailers. I know that Comic Con was this weekend, so I know a lot of "big reveals" for trailers were happening, but we couldn't have a couple teasers? Suicide Squad is out really soon. How about Wonder Woman; Chris Pine is in that one. Dr. Strange? Fantastic Beasts? There wasn't anything? The trailers before Star Trek were just a little disappointing when we were expecting geekiness. Of course, I got over that fast when the movie started.

Of course it started with Captain Kirk, in another diplomatic position. A bit of humour, but later we realize how important it is to the story. I loved his introspection and later Spock's. I love Spock, both of them. I love Sulu and his family, Uhura and her necklace. I loved Jaylah, who I have just discovered played Gazelle in Kingsman: The Secret Service. She definitely had the moves. I loved her house. I loved the friendship she develops with Scotty. She was genius and generous. She was loyal and independent. Krall was brilliant. The performance, the growth and the change in him, the mystery that surrounds him, just amazing; everything about who Krall was and is, who his people were, where the technology came from. That technology, those ships were scary and so destructive. The "disruptive frequency" was so awesome, so "classic".

The effects were good, amazing explosions, weapons fire and crashes. Those drones were really frightening though, swarming, fear-inducing. I really didn't expect anything less from the series or director. The plot was complex without being overly complicated. It included moments for heart, decision and humour.

Really, if you haven't seen Star Trek: Beyond, you should. It's fun, tense, exciting and dangerous. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Below, is one of the trailers for your viewing pleasure:


  1. If you want to see the latest Comic Con trailers check out

    The Wonder Women trailer is awesome!

    1. I was looking at them last night... and yes, Wonder Woman looks amazing! I can't wait.