Sunday, March 20, 2016

Avengers: The Enemy Within

Yes. This. So awesome. I love Captain Marvel. Avengers: The Enemy Within, might be an Avengers title (third in an Avengers Assemble arc), but this was all Captain Marvel. The Enemy Within concludes the story started with Captain Marvel: In Pursuit of Flight and continued with Captain Marvel: Down. I think that there's enough backstory that you can probably get away with not reading the two Captain Marvel titles, but everything makes so much more sense if you do. Also, they're awesome.

Basically, I am gushing about The Enemy Within. It's a total love fest. I loved the story. Kelly Sue DeConnick continues her amazing writing about my new favourite hero. I loved the art. The artist of the last comic within the graphic novel hasn't been my favourite over the series, but the style is so recognizable and familiar to me now, that it seems connected with Captain Marvel's story.

Also, the cover, paired with the title is a little misleading. That's all I'm going to say about that.

This does make me want to read the other Avengers Assemble stories. There are so many great characters. The more I read of Spider-Woman in these books, the more I want to read her stories too. She even makes a joke with Captain Marvel about having "Spidey-Sense", which she actually doesn't. Her personality leaps off the page and I have really enjoyed her easy friendship with Carol Danvers. Also, her fighting with the Hulk was pretty cool. Abigail Brand was really interesting too. I really liked when Bruce Banner stopped by Carol's apartment and made a joke with one of her friends about being confined in tight spaces. The action, art and humour combined to make The Enemy Within a thoroughly entertaining read.

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