Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I kind of loved Kingsmen.  I loved Harry, Roxy and Merlin. Valentine was great. Eggsy was amazing. Kingsmen did some things I didn't expect, which I appreciated. I love having a moment where I gasp out loud because of what has happened. It was a sad, awful, shocking moment, and one I did not see coming.

I totally forgot Samuel L. Jackson was in the movie. He's so awesome. Totally not Nick Fury in this one. Kind of reminded me of his Pulp Fiction character, I don't know why. Maybe the swearing? It got my Hubby thinking about Pulp Fiction too. The whole thing had a bit of a Tarantino-esque vibe to it. The style was definitely it's own thing, the amazing action sequences, very visually gripping. No time to look away. They were quick, but slowed down at the right moments. It was more about the way people died, limbs cut off, being sliced in half, bone. Maybe the combination of that, plus Samuel L. Jackson had me thinking Pulp Fiction. The woman with the sword legs though, that was brilliant and totally unique. Also, why not? If this is who you were, then you lose your legs, why not attach swords to the prosthesis. It makes sense (in the story world).

I liked the plot too, the boy who lost his father, and is trying to take care of his mother, thereby can't live up to his potential. I also love the way the story comes full circle. My problem with it is the mother. Was she so heartbroken that she shacked up with any guy? Did she need money or security? Why didn't she make better life choices for her and her son? I wouldn't have minded a little more story, just a quick conversation of what happened between husbands. We know what Eggsy did, but not about his mother's choices. I know I'm being picky, but it bothered me a bit when watching the scenes of her in their apartment with the new husband.

I really liked the end. The sequences of heads, the colours, the music, it was all really good. The bar scene also, the suit. I'm glad I finally got around to seeing Kingsmen and I look forward to any sequels they conjure up.

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