Friday, March 04, 2016

Of Triton

Of Triton was not totally what I expected.  I expected more of what was happening in the beginning with Emma and her mother. I expected Nalia to be involved in something more nefarious. Instead, I think something nefarious happened to Nalia and Grom, but we don't know what. I'm also saddened by what Emma learned about her parents. I thought this whole drama was going to be a larger part of the book, but it was set-up, I think. Not in a bad way. We learn through this adventure at the start of the novel, more about Nalia, Grom and their relationship. We see Emma have doubts and what she does with them. She loves her mother, though she wants to believe in Galen. Anna Banks definitely surprised me with where the story went after the car ride.

The meat of the story, that was an adventure. Life under the ocean is more complicated than the Royals even thought. I liked that there was less moody romance and more active adventure; there were things the characters had to figure out. Though Emma and Rayna got left behind for a while, we got to spend more time in the water and learn about the Syrena people. The display of the gifts at the end though, that was nice. It's not just about Emma. I also thought I'd get to see a little more ass-kicking from Nalia. Galen did supply her with something she could have used, though maybe she didn't want to hurt one of her subjects. I'm wondering what the future holds not just for Galen and Emma, but for the undersea kingdoms. I also feel like there's more to the mystery of what happened in the mine field with Nalia and Grom. Though Of Triton felt like a complete story, I'm eager to find out what happens in Of Neptune.

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