Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Austere Academy

The Austere Academy was atrocious. Another frustrating story. It is clearly fictitious. No one in the modern world would let a school be run that way. The punishments were just beyond belief. Again Mr. Poe falls short in finding a good place to locate the Baudelaire youngsters.

At least in this story, the Baudelaires found friends their own age. The two Quagmire triplets were wonderful. They were the perfect friends for Violet & Klaus (and even Sunny). They were orphans, who had their own fortune… and misfortune, sadly. It was great to see the Baudelaires interact with people their own age. It was also good to see that they were excited about being in school. They had been pushed from home to home, that school didn’t come up until The Miserable Mill but then it was only mentioned in passing.

Again, the ending was Unfortunate. It left the Baudelaire children feeling another deep loss. At least we didn’t have to live through another death… Though the person Count Olaf replaced is likely dead, there was no ‘death scene.’ It just left you wanting to know what happens next.

I’m itching to read The Ersatz Elevator, but Craig (my wonderful fiancé) is in the middle of it. So I guess I’ll find something else.

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