Friday, July 21, 2006

The Miserable Mill

The Miserable Mill is malicious. How could Mr. Poe think that ‘Sir’ was an appropriate guardian for children? Mr. Poe should definitely do more thorough background checks. It’s so frustrating that all count Olaf has to do to escape is run. No one ever gives chase. When the Baudelaire children have tried, Mr. Poe stops them. They no longer bother to try. Of the four books I’ve read so far, I found this one the most infuriating.

It remains a great story. The Miserable Mill is full of all the things that make Lemony Snicket’s series wonderful. Intelligent children and fun little definitions. The ominous and clear foreshadowing of disaster. Set up for the next story. In no way will this book stop me from reading the rest. It just makes me want to know even more, how the Baudelaires fair in the end.

For an interesting comparison chart of the entire series, check out the Wikipedia entry. Be warned, there are spoilers.

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