Friday, July 21, 2006

The Wide Window

Lemony Snicket certainly knows how to create enjoyable stories. The Wide Window was wonderful. At least from a reader’s point of view. Again, some very nasty things happen to the Baudelaire children. Count Olaf is back, of course. Mr. Poe doesn’t listen, naturally. They have a guardian that is less than satisfactory, sadly. The misfortune just keeps coming.

After the wonderful guardianship of Uncle Monty in The Reptile Room, Aunt Josephine is a definite disappointment. She’s a bit crazy… actually, she’s just crazy. Afraid of everything, she has to be rescued by the children! Apparently, she cares more about her own safety than that of her charges, offering them up to Count Olaf in an act of desperation. It does her no good in the end, however. Aunt Josephine is not as reprehensible as count Olaf, but she does leave much to be desired in a guardian.

What does the future hold for the Baudelaires? It’s off to The Miserable Mill for them. After Uncle Monty, I don’t think Violet, Klaus and Sunny will have as nice a guardian, but the children can hope. That’s what the readers of this deftly creative story can do: hope the next is better for the Baudelaires, though they will likely be mistaken.

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